Visualization Streams for Ultimate Scalability

A Research Project in Scientific Visualization centered on the development of cache oblivious approaches for the management, streaming and rendering of large surface and volume meshes.
Principal Investigator: Valerio Pascucci
Other team members: Eric Lamar, Daniel Laney, Peter Lindstrom.
Main Collaborators: Mark Duchaneau, Randall J. Frank, Giorgio Scorselli, Dave Bremer.
Students:  Janine Bennett (Ph.D.), Rita Borgo (Ph.D.), Peer-Timo Bremer (Ph.D.), Kree Cole-McLaughlin (BS), Ajith Marscarenas (Ph.D.), Vijay Natarajan (Ph.D.), Sinesio Pesco (Postdoc), Jonathan Strasser (MS).

In the ViSUS project (see the featured article in the LDRD report) we develop data streaming techniques for progressive processing and visualization of large scientific datasets. Our strategy is to exploit the coupling between time-critical algorithms and progressive multi-resolution data-structures to realize an end-to-end optimized flow of data from the original source, such as remote storage or large scientific simulation, to the rendering hardware.
The implementation of this approach will enable three major visualization modalities. (i) Interactive visualization on high resolution power-walls. (ii) Interactive visualization on desktop workstations of large datasets that cannot be stored locally. (iii) Immediate monitoring of remote simulations from a desktop workstation.
These modalities target multiple phases in the process of generating and exploring very large simulation datasets where real-time user interaction can increase the productivity of scientists.

Streaming live at Supercomputing 2004!

ViSUS Progressive Viewer (monitor in front) showing in real-time a Miranda simulation executed on BlueGene/L (in the background on the left).

The ViSUS streaming infrastructure enabled the two live demonstrations of LLNL simulation codes (Miranda and Raptor) visualized in real-time while executed on the BlueGene/L prototype installed at the IBM booth of the SC04 exhibit. The same day BlueGene/L was announced to be the new fastest supercomputer in the world.
  On BlueGene/L: the Miranda and the Raptor simulations are executed on the IBM BG/L prototype (in the picture on the left) with a simple set-up that allows saving files in IDX format with the ViSUS streaming library.
   On the linux front-end: the ViSUS data server is activated on the linux front-end to load the simulation data as it appears on disk. A network connection is opened to allow connections from remote visualization applications requesting the data.
   On the graphics workstation: the ViSUS Progressive Viewer is executed on a Windows graphics workstation. At startup, the Progressive Viewer opens a network connection to the Data Server and start streaming the simulation data for visualization. The IDX multi-resolution data model allows adjusting the quality of the visualization depending on the communication speed and on the performance of the local workstation.


ViSUS related publications

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