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August, 15, 2008
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September, 1, 2008
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October, 15, 2008
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November, 7, 2008
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November, 30, 2008
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December, 20, 2008
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Topology-based methods are of increasing importance in the analysis and visualization of dataset from a wide variety of scientific domains such as biology, physics, engineering, and medicine. Current challenges of topology-based techniques include the management of time-dependent data, the representation large and complex datasets, the characterization of noise and uncertainty, the effective integration of numerical methods with robust combinatorial algorithms, etc. (see also below for a list of selected issues).

While we see an increasing number of high-quality publications in this field, many fundamental questions remain unsolved. New focused efforts are needed in a variety of techniques ranging from the theoretical foundations of topological models, algorithmic issues related to the representation power of computer-based implementations as well as their computational efficiency, user interfaces for presentation of quantitative topological information, and the development of new techniques for systematic mapping of science problems in topological constructs that can be solved computationally.

In this forum we will bring together the most prominent and best recognized researchers in the field of topology-based data analysis and visualization for a joint discussion and scientific exchange of the latest results in the field. At the workshop we will discuss topics which include:
  • time-dependent methods
  • time-dependent methods
  • feature extraction
  • theoretical models
  • combinatorial methods and robustness
  • multi-scale representation models
  • higher-order topological methods
  • scalar/vector/tensor field topology
  • error bounds
  • topology simplification
  • topological similarity and correlation
  • mapping fundamental science to topology
  • user interfaces and visualization
  • domain specific interpretation of topological constructs and results
  • efficiency of topological algorithms
  • topology-based visualization

The 2009 workshop in Slat Lake City, Utah, follows the two successful workshops in 2005 (Budmerice, Slovakia) and 2x007 (Leipzig, Germany). It will be held in an open atmosphere of informal discussions, open exchange and personal interaction. Submissions are peer-reviewed before the workshop. All accepted papers must be presented at the workshop and published in the Springer series “Mathematics and Visualization.”

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